Status of “He Who Breaks The Clouds.”

I have finished the rough draft of this my potential “opus” of a story, HE WHO BREAKS THE CLOUDS.  I am now in the rewrite phase.  Unlike my previous stories, this one seems to be in need of major re-writing for every chapter.  Perhaps it is because I am so firmly committed to this story.  Perhaps it is more challenging with the details of life post WWI and the Iroquois nation.  My study into clinical depression keeps twisting and turning.  Add that to the differences between the mores of the white man and the natural healing of the Native American.  Most importantly is that our speech, our language, has changed over the past one hundred years.  English was more proper, expressions have changed, etc.

Once I am finished and have this professionally edited, I KNOW I will be proud of this book.  It will be a source of enlightenment.  But, it will keep me busy for quite some time.  I’ll update as soon as something exciting happens.