My sister, Diane.

As stated in my last post, my sister, Diane Cutshaw, left us to go be with the Lord.  No one expected it.  She slipped into a diabetic coma that she never returned from.   I always loved her, but I never realized just how much she meant to me.  I still see her standing in my front yard, waiting to pick me up so we can go visit our other sister, Lynn.  I see the way she giggles always holding her finger under her nose.   I remember our last get together we laughed so hard about almost everything. She was such a tiny, petite thing.  I always envied her that, for I am–Not.

 We had such plans.  We were going to retire soon, travel, do crafting together, and spend lots of time laughing.   Then she was gone. Bam!  No warning.   I got to say my goodbyes, but she wasn’t there to say hers.  Every day I reach for my phone to call her or text her to tell her all the crazy things that just happened.  We both had large families that keep us spinning. I still get choked up when I recall she is not there to call anymore to tell my stories.   She left a huge void in my life.

I’ve lost my Mom, Dad, oldest son, Adam, oldest sister, Kathy, and now Diane.  I have a brother I see every 20 years or so, and I have one truly great sister left,  Lynn Brouillette.  She has been my buddy our whole lives.   However, I have begun to fear being with her.   I give my heart wholly and completely.  She is my only connection to my past.   I love her beyond the moon and back.   What will I do when Lynn leaves?   I try not to think of it.  She is here now.   Please send prayers that Lynn stays strong and lives a long, long healthy life.   I still cry when I think of Diane, but I know she is with the Lord Jesus, probably telling him better ways to manage heaven.  God, I love her.  I love Lynn, Rick, and my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Thank you, Lord.