I’m a Roomba.

It has been such a rough couple of months. Starting with both of my dogs passing on. Groban, a mixed breed named after my favorite singer, was my baby. His BFF was Berlynn, a sweetheart of a dashound. Groban had to be put down because of cancer. He would’ve died in less than a week on his own, but we wanted his to go out peacefully. For 3 weeks, Berlynn sat by the back door and waited for his return. She stopped eating. Then our little blessing went to be with her BFF. I never mourned so much for a pet as I did them.

Then my beloved son, Lee, and his family moved back home to Minnesota. Up there, they had family that is free to be the kind of family that would make them happy. It ripped my heart out, but it makes my heart glad that they are happy.

Other son, Dale, and his family moved in. I already have a daughter and her family here. So, now there is 11 people in our house. What fun! Oh, I forgot to tell you, we only had one car, and that one just died, as did our washing machine.

The biggest news of all, my sister, Diane Cutshaw, left us unexpectedly. She slipped into a diabetic coma and never recovered. I can’t believe it. We had just plans to retire together, travel, work on crafts, etc. I still find myself reaching for the phone to call her only to remember she isn’t there to call. Diane has joined my sister, Kathy, our Mom and Dad, and my first son, Adam.

One thing after another has changed my course in life. So, that is why I’m a Roomba. The little machine whizzes around the house, picking up little messes, and when they hit a wall or an obstacle, they bounce back, spin and move on. I’ve been doing that with my life this past year. I have to just keep pressing on until the Lord calls me to join the rest of my family.