Okay, we all know I am the world’s worst blogger. I would promise to get better, but chances are, I won’t. I will try. Instead of writing all about my trials and tribulations in the blog, I allowed these trials to distract me, to dishearten me, and to control me. Oddly enough, I continue to write. Not in my blog, but in my books.

I finished my epic book “He Who Breaks The Clouds.” I’m so proud of that book. It is a story of a young teen, from 1919, who goes to live on an Iroquois reservation to learn how to deal with his depression. I kept the story light, because those of us who suffer from this malady do not need anything dark and heavy.

Two of my other books “Moshe’s War” and “Those With Secrets” have made it into print. So, I am being productive in my absence from my blog. I hope the two of you who read my blog have had a wonderful year so far.