I have been quite comfortable in my shell.  I enjoy writing and thought it was a perfect career for an introvert, such as me.  I get to leave my world and enter the world of my characters.  Little did I know that as a writer, we are expected to promote ourselves, push our own books, and develop a following.   Ugh!

Pushing myself to be an extrovert is like pushing me into a size 2 swimsuit.  It just doesn’t work.  Even if I could get the swimsuit on, it certainly would not bet pleasing to look at.  It just doesn’t fit.

I tried reading my stories to “authors” groups, but my writing is a lot more tame than most.  My stories don’t appeal to the harder edged writers here in Orlando.  In all fairness, I don’t always like their stories either.  So, back to my shell I go.

There are so many more gifted writers flooding Facebook and Twitter while they promote their own books.  How would I compete?  Do other FB and Twitter readers want to be flooded?  Its  just easier to sit inside my shell.

I can’t seem to bring myself to inquire about speaking at a library or conference.  What if no one shows?  What if they think I’m stupid, or that I don’t have quite the experience to put myself up as a writing authority.  Back to my shell.

This is a challenge I must face if I want to have people read my books.  It is the hardest part of writing, although query letters are almost equal in difficulty for me.  I wish I could just write the story, hand it over to one more capable than I to promote it.  Sit back and come out of my shell to write the next one.  If only I could.