Christian Fiction

In the past several months, I have been blessed with a deeper understanding of the Lord.  After waiting all my life, I finally believe I know how to tap into the will of God.  Most importantly, I believe the Lord is cleansing me and molding me into a calling of service.  What that service is, I don’t know yet.  I’m sure when I’m ready, He will let me know.

Before the Lord can work in my life, He needed to clean house within me.  The first thing he dealt with me on was that he was not pleased with the ghost-like books I had been writing.  I simply could not “entertain” others with un-Godly stories AND walk with God at the same time.

Sooo, I have removed all of those ghost/supernatural stories from this website and from all forms of my marketing.  They no longer exist.   I do NOT know anything about Christian Fiction.  I’ve read a few books that were a little too “preachy” and “sappy” for my taste.  So, I procured several examples of Christian Fiction.  Some good, some not so good.  I have learned that the term Christian Fiction can be used on all sorts of books.

I do not feel led to discontinue all my secular writing, but I will be more selective on what I write.  I have decided to add a “Christian Fiction” line to my works.

I hope you all can wish me well on my new journey.