Where did they go? Imagine dedicating your entire existence to those you love. Every waking moment, every idea, every step is centered on their needs. Then, like a light switch, they’re gone. You did your job so well; children mature and blossom into capable young adults. Now as a reward for all of your efforts, your passion, your devotion, they dare to experience life without you. Take a humorous journey with Maggie as she learns to live life on her own. An empty nest can lead to an exciting new beginning.

Moshe Brodsky simply appeared on the doorstep of Ilsa Michalski’s boarding house at the edge of the Florida Everglades. The target of his hunt is Horst Bress, a vile, freak of a guard, who Moshe believes may be killing again. Ilsa is drawn to the hunter, although she hides a secret that her German step-brother was once a Nazi guard. Fearing Moshe will soon be after her brother, she must now choose between protecting him or surrender him to the man she loves. As her brother hitchhikes across the country to return home, she’s unable to warn him. Every mile he travels, brings him closer to a man who could destroy him.

Take eight city-slickers, force them to live off the land for a week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota, throw in some Native American folklore, environmental dangers and a forbidden romance, and you have the basis of my light-hearted novella. This story is told in the point-of-view of Michael Barrett, one of the top sales managers in New York, as he comes to appreciate the natural beauty of the world around him, especially the exquisite beauty of the Chippewa tour guide.

Something is inside that house. The rustic plantation had lain dark and barren in the sleepy community of Odessa, North Carolina, since the disappearance of its owner three years before. While Abby James and her brother, Keith, renovate their new home, strange items emerge that some thought long vanished. The two soon discover that some people will do anything to keep those secrets buried, and Abby and Keith are in their way.

In 1919, at the start of mental health treatment for depression, Dr. Jacob Snow, an Iroquois psychologist, is tasked with taking a white teenage boy, Randolph Fitzroy, to his reservation for the summer for daily therapy. Dr. Snow and the other Iroquois attempt to teach the boy their natural ways and methods while Rand desperately tries to get them to see that not all depression is a choice.

Four fun-loving octogenarian women go on a series of misadventures to search for a neighbor who has gone missing. Their road trip down the west coast of Florida awakens them and allows them to see that they have a whole lot of life left to live.
A deliciously funny novella.

Short Stories

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