Shingles are the worst.  The pain is beyond belief. It isn’t so much the rash as it is the deep down shooting pain that goes deep into your body.  I get what feels like a hot knife in my gut, just sitting there, with an occasional electrical volt running through my right side.  What makes it worse is that it lasts so long and it never subsides.  I’m so worn out.  I can only lay on one side, so my sleep is interrupted nightly.  I used the cream recommended but it burns so bad that all my skins reacts, like chemical burns.  The anti-viral medication is only effective if taken within 72 hours of the onset.  It had been almost a week before I could get in to see my doctor.  My rash is on my waist, and 90% of my clothes has a waist band.

I know it will eventually go away, but it seems like a permanent condition to me at the moment.  It has been 2 weeks with no sign of improvement yet. 

So how is your day going?


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