I was all set to enter a post about my writing techniques this morning.  But when I opened the internet, I saw an article that stated that six officers in three separate cities in Florida were shot last night.  Two more officers were shot up north.  I want to know where are all the celebrities?  Why isn’t anyone speaking out about this atrocious behavior of our citizens?  Surely, the people who claim to cherish all life can’t condone murdering these officers.

I believe politics is like religion.  We are free to worship any way we choose.  I don’t care how you stand.  I truly don’t.  But killing police is not a political statement.  It is an act of terrorism.  It is murder.

The media loves to cover the few unethical and questionable acts of police officers, when in fact there are millions of great acts the police do across the nation, that no one covers.  This just isn’t fair.  They come in every color, race, sex, religion, and locality.  We can’t judge them as a whole any more than we can judge any other group of citizens.  Police officers are human beings.

I want to know where are all the celebrities who have been so vocal of every political event, action, and word?  Celebrities are the most influential persons in this nation at this time.  They have become our Gods.

I beg the celebrity community to stand up in front of the cameras they love so much and say “Stop!”